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Family Support Team

As a family, you've laid the foundation of character that has led your son, loved one to consider Marine Recon.  We would like you to be involved in the milestones ahead, including the decision to enlist in the Marine Corps and become a Recon Marine.

The decision to become a Recon Marine affects your whole family, and talking with your son, loved one throughout the decision process will be valuable for both of you. It will help you understand and prepare yourself for the realities and requirements of service. Here are some important next steps for you:

Be prepared: read the information on our website, and talk to other parents on the special Parents section of our facebook forum. Make notes on the topics that are important to you. Use those notes and conversations as reminders during your conversations with your son, and your loved one.

We encourage you to listen: Find out why he is interested in becoming a Recon Marine. There are many reasons, and you can help them understand aspects of the commitment they may not have considered yet. Stay involved as they learn more. 

PROUD Recon Family Members