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Basic Recon Course


Basic Recon Course

Phase I: Individual & Special Reconnaissance Skills

Phase I of the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) consists of two portions: Reconnaissance Individual Skills and Reconnaissance Special Skills.  The purpose of Recon Individual Skills is to provide the students with knowledge and skills associated with individual tasks that are essential to the operation of a reconnaissance team. The student receives classes and practical application in the areas of land navigation, combat conditioning, knots, rope management, and HRST operations.  The purpose of Recon Special Skills is to introduce Reconnaissance Marines

to the fire support capabilities and assets available to a reconnaissance team and demolition skills essential to a reconnaissance team. The Marine will receive training on supporting arms, calling for fire, M18A1 Anti-Personnel Mine and the employment of demolitions. This portion includes a live fire demolition exercise and a performance examination requiring the Marine to call for mortar fire.

Phase II: Amphibious Operations

The purpose of Phase II is to provide the students with knowledge and skills associated with amphibious operations. The student receives training on nautical navigation procedures, operating a small craft, amphibious reports, and scout swimmer techniques. The end state of Phase II is to have the students demonstrate their ability to operate safely in the open ocean in both littoral and off shore currents as a part of a reconnaissance team.  Phase II culminates with the students successfully completing a clandestine landing & withdrawal in the Pacific Ocean and the Beaches of Coronado, CA.

Communications Phase

The purpose of the Communications Phase  is to train Reconnaissance Marines in techniques of long-range communications and basic field radio procedures. The Marine will receive training on HF, UHF, VHF, SATCOM radio sets, field expedient antennas, and communication security.

Phase III: Patrolling Operations

The purpose of Phase III is to provide the students with knowledge and skills associated with reconnaissance patrolling. The Students will receive instruction designed to teach and mentor students in the individual duties and responsibilities as a member of a reconnaissance team.  Phase III covers in-depth all facets of reconnaissance and patrolling to include, but not limited to clandestine movement, enemy contact drills, utilization of observation and photographic devices, and correctly reporting on enemy activity.  Phase III will culminate with a performance evaluation in the hills of Camp Pendleton that will determine the capabilities of the student to operate successfully as a member of a reconnaissance team by applying all knowledge and skills acquired throughout the entire duration of BRC.  


brc honor graduates


LCpl James R. Coe Class 1-12
PFC Jericho L. Farmer Class 2-12
PFC Joel B. Freitas Jr. Class 3-12
Cpl Matthew A. Webb Class 4-12
Sgt Nicholas E. Carney Class 5-12
HN Owen D. Alfonso Class 6-12
PFC Joshua E. Garcia Class 7-12
LCpl Kyle Malone Class 1-13
Pfc Kyle R. Black 2-13
Sgt Joshua R. Shelley 3-13